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10 bold ideas for ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic10 bold ideas for ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

When Celine, a housewife in West Cameroon, was diagnosed with HIV six years ago, she signed up to be part of a clinical trial that gave her the antiretroviral drugs she needed, for free. However, when doctor and clinical researcher Boghuma Kabisen Titanji met Celine five years later, she had gone without antiretrovirals for a […]


Hope speaks: Fellows Friday with Uzodinma IwealaHope speaks: Fellows Friday with Uzodinma Iweala

Posted By Karen Eng

Prize-winning novelist and MD Uzodinma Iweala traveled to Nigeria to talk to everyday people, doctors, government officials, activists, sex workers, even Femi Kuti — Fela Kuti’s son — about HIV/AIDS. Our Kind of People is his highly personal account of the AIDS epidemic and its transformative effect on love, relationships and humanity. Healing requires more […]


Q&A with Seth Berkley: The search for an AIDS vaccine

Posted By Shanna Carpenter

Before his talk posted today, the TED Blog talked to epidemiologist and founder of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI), Seth Berkley. He told the story of the beginnings of IAVI, exploring why different decisions have historically been made in response to the HIV pandemic and explaining why a vaccine makes sense today. Read on […]


Everything we know about AIDS in Africa is wrong: Emily Oster on TED.com

Posted By Tedstaff

Emily Oster, a University of Chicago economist, looks at the stats on AIDS in Africa — and comes up with a stunning conclusion: Everything we know about AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa is wrong. We look for root causes such as poverty and poor health care — but we also need to factor in, say, the […]