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Live from TED2014

In the Skype Studio: Creative crowd-fundingIn the Skype Studio: Creative crowd-funding

Posted By Thu-Huong Ha

At TED2013, Amanda Palmer gave a talk called “The art of asking” about her experience funding an album on Kickstarter; it quickly went viral on TED.com. A year later, Palmer was back for a panel at TED2014 covering crowd-funding creative projects. She was joined live by her husband, writer Neil Gaiman, and Kickstarter cofounder Yancey Strickler, and through Skype by game […]

Live from TED2014

Power poses, idea technologies and the Internet’s birthday: A recap of “Where are we now?” All-Stars Session 3 at TED2014Power poses, idea technologies and the Internet’s birthday: A recap of “Where are we now?” All-Stars Session 3 at TED2014

Posted By Tedstaff

By Liz Jacobs and Ben Lillie Taking stock of our moment in history helps us better understand ourselves, our societies and the present moment itself  – which often gets lost in the temptation to look backwards or forwards. And at TED2014: The Next Chapter we’re doing plenty of both. But we’re also designating this All-Stars […]


Disrupt!: The speakers in Session 4 at TED2013Disrupt!: The speakers in Session 4 at TED2013

Posted By Helen Walters

From all the breathless hype that surrounds the topic, you’d be forgiven for thinking that disruptive innovation was a common force throughout the world. Reality proves otherwise. In this session, we brought together a collection of individuals who have some right to the title of disruptor. Their work pushes at the boundaries of what’s expected […]


Amanda Palmer’s TED Talk is 8 feet longAmanda Palmer’s TED Talk is 8 feet long

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

Amanda Palmer — performer, writer, former Dresden Dolls frontwoman — speaks at TED2013 on Wednesday morning. And to prep, she rendered her talk on paper in Sharpie. She writes on Tumblr, “It is about eight feet long. I am taking this as a good omen.” Back in Boston, the “Queen of Kickstarter” also held a prep […]