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Live from TED2014

In case you missed it: Day 5 of TED2014In case you missed it: Day 5 of TED2014

Posted By Nadia Goodman

This year’s packed conference came to a close on March 21, 2014: Day 5 at TED2014. Here are some highlights from this Friday: Mark Ronson ruled the dance floor On Thursday night, Mark Ronson DJ’d for TEDsters. Bent over the mixing board under a neon green TED sign, he tied all the music back to […]

Live from TED2014

Forge meaning, build identity: Andrew Solomon at TED2014Forge meaning, build identity: Andrew Solomon at TED2014

Posted By Thu-Huong Ha

The extraordinary and eloquent Andrew Solomon closes TED2014 with a talk that brought the theater to its feet. Popular wisdom, begins Solomon, is that we find meaning, that it is an external truth to seek. But after a lifetime as a student of adversity, he has found that meaning, in fact, is forged. Solomon recalls […]

Live from TED2014

Onward: Speakers in Session 12 at TED2014Onward: Speakers in Session 12 at TED2014

Posted By Tedstaff

As we celebrate the last three decades of ideas at TED, we’re looking ahead and asking ourselves: what’s next? Each of the speakers in this session looks boldly toward the future, from a media visionary to an entrepreneur reimagining education to two powerful talks on overcoming a difficult past. Here are the speakers who appeared […]


How should we talk about mental health?How should we talk about mental health?

Posted By Thu-Huong Ha

Mental health suffers from a major image problem. One in every four people experiences mental health issues — yet more than 40 percent of countries worldwide have no mental health policy. Across the board it seems like we have no idea how to talk about it respectfully and responsibly. Stigma and discrimination are the two […]


Playlist: All across the autism spectrum

Posted By Jessica Gross

June 18th is Autistic Pride Day, a day to celebrate the neurodiversity of people on the autism spectrum. Too often, autistic people are viewed as only autistic, and it’s seen strictly as a disorder. As always, the full picture isn’t drawn in black and white: it’s complex, full of grays. At TED, scores of speakers […]