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TED rolls out iOS7 appTED rolls out iOS7 app

Posted By TED Guest Author

Apple’s iOS7 launched this morning, and on it, our new TED app. Below, we asked our in-house product development lead Thaniya Keereepart about the mobile update, asking her to share the team’s vision for taking an experience people loved and making it even more fluid. What makes this iOS7 version of the TED app different? […]


Urinalysis: There’s now an app for thatUrinalysis: There’s now an app for that

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

It may not be glamorous, but it’s true – each year, urinary tract infections lead to more than 9 million doctor visits in the United States alone. But the infection can now be tested for through an iPhone app — uChek — developed by TEDFellow Myshkin Ingawale. This app could also be an effective tool […]