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Asha de Vos meets a puppet of herselfAsha de Vos meets a puppet of herself

Posted By Karen Eng

Blue whale researcher and TED Senior Fellow Asha de Vos unveiled her TED-Ed lesson today on the TED Fellows stage. The video — “Why are blue whales so enormous?” — stars a puppet version of de Vos, which she had been coveting for weeks. So Fellows & Community Director Tom Rielly presented her with it, hand-carried from […]


The call of the whale: Fellows Friday with Asha de VosThe call of the whale: Fellows Friday with Asha de Vos

Posted By Karen Eng

Whale researcher Asha de Vos spends her days weaving a 6-meter boat through shipping lanes crowded with giant container ships, fishing boats, and marine life, collecting data crucial to the survival of the singular Sri Lankan blue whale. Tell us about the first time you saw the Sri Lankan blue whales. In 2003, I was […]