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Head back to school with TED-EdHead back to school with TED-Ed

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

Back to school brings with it a slew of emotions. On the one hand, there’s the promise of seeing friends daily and the buying of new school supplies — new possibilities encapsulated in shrink-wrapped blank notebooks. But on the other hand, there’s the end of summer and the transition back to structured days, not to […]


Playlist: a TED intern picks the classic school schedule, in talksPlaylist: a TED intern picks the classic school schedule, in talks

Posted By Morton Bast

Grab your new backpack and sharpen your pencils. It’s back to school time, and here is my playlist of six talks about the essentials. Work your way through the classic school day, as told in TEDTalks. No finals required. 1st period: Math Marcus du Sautoy: Symmetry, reality’s riddle Mathematician Marcus du Sautoy takes you inside […]


Playlist: A TED intern picks her favorite talks for back to schoolPlaylist: A TED intern picks her favorite talks for back to school

Posted By Larissa Green

Why does the time we spend cramming for life’s most trying tests always escape us before our focus is shifted to battling a more complex problem? During the college years, an unforeseen dichotomy develops where rushing becomes a normal state, whether it be to register for classes or to get through your last semester. But, […]


Playlist: The perfect back-to-school talks, from a TED internPlaylist: The perfect back-to-school talks, from a TED intern

Posted By Elizabeth Jacobs

I’m an anthropology major gearing up for my senior year and all that comes with it — job applications, extracurricular responsibilities and my senior honors thesis. After a semester abroad, I’m looking forward to returning to the familiarity and challenges that my college, the University of Pennsylvania, presents while incorporating the new perspectives I gained […]