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8 talks about harnessing the power of bacteria for good8 talks about harnessing the power of bacteria for good

Posted By Becky Chung

When you think of bacteria, the word ‘heroic’ hardly pops to mind. Bacteria don’t have the best reputation (case in point: the poop problem). But, we are reminded in today’s talk, from teen scientists Miranda Wang and Jeanny Yao, that not all bacteria are our enemies. Wang and Yao found themselves faced with an immovable […]


Micro-metal management: Fellows Friday with Damian PalinMicro-metal management: Fellows Friday with Damian Palin

Posted By Karen Eng

Biomineralogist Damian Palin (watch his TED Talk) collaborates with bacteria to mine valuable minerals from desalination brine, the toxic byproduct of desalinating seawater — creating wealth from waste while protecting the environment. You work in the field of geomicrobiology. What is it, and why is it becoming increasingly important? Geomicrobiology is a field of science […]