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Comments we loved this year: The gift of additional informationComments we loved this year: The gift of additional information

Posted By Morton Bast

TED Talks often get 100 or more comments — a mixed bag of kudos, critiques and questions. Looking back on the year, here are a few comments that wowed us. Do you know more about a topic than the speaker had time to share in their talk? Here’s a great example of how a knowledgeable […]


Quantum locking: Boaz Almog at TEDGlobal 2012Quantum locking: Boaz Almog at TEDGlobal 2012

Posted By Ben Lillie

After rescuing his equipment from UK customs, where it had been stuck for several days, Boaz Almog take the stage to demonstrate his remarkable research. It uses a well-known phenomenon of superconductivity — a state of matter where the electrical resistance drops to zero. Normally, electrons moving through a conductor collide occasionally, losing energy to […]