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TED Weekends calls us to embrace nature’s wrathTED Weekends calls us to embrace nature’s wrath

Posted By Emmie Le Marchand

“That is a part of you up there. That’s your water that helps to make the cloud, that becomes the rain, that feeds the plants, that feeds the animals.” These were the words Camlile Seaman’s grandfather said to her on a hot summer day when she was young. Inspired by her Shinnecock Indian heritage, and […]


Gallery: Chasing storms with Camille SeamanGallery: Chasing storms with Camille Seaman

Posted By Thu-Huong Ha

A Shinnecock Indian, Camille Seaman has spent her career as a photographer illustrating the interconnectedness of all life. When she was a child, her grandfather took her outside to play on a hot summer day. He pointed to the sky and said, “Look, do you see that? That’s part of you up there. That’s your […]


TED Fellow Naomi Natale lays One Million Bones on the National MallTED Fellow Naomi Natale lays One Million Bones on the National Mall

Posted By Karen Eng

This weekend, thousands gathered in Washington, DC, to help lay one million handmade representations of human bones — 1,018,260 bones, to be exact – on the National Mall. This breathtaking installation created a haunting river of bones leading to the US Capitol, and represents the culmination of a nearly five-year social activism project imagined by TED […]


Camille Seaman named a Knight FellowCamille Seaman named a Knight Fellow

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

Photographer Camille Seaman sees the personality in elements of nature. The TED Fellow thrilled us at TED2011 with her haunting photos of polar ice — some glaciers timid, others proud and defiant — and, at TED2013, shared stunning images of supercell clouds, which she characterizes as “lovely monsters.” We are very excited that Seaman has […]


Clouds as ‘lovely monsters’: Camille Seaman at TED2013Clouds as ‘lovely monsters’: Camille Seaman at TED2013

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

Clouds. We think of them as light and fluffy, sometimes a touch menacing. But TED Fellow Camille Seaman sees something even deeper in the clouds above her. Seaman, who is known for her stunning images that give personality to icebergs, was raised as a Shinnecock Indian, in a culture that taught her that everything is interconnected. “When I […]


Beautiful Imperfection: Speakers in Session 2 of TED2013Beautiful Imperfection: Speakers in Session 2 of TED2013

Posted By Emily McManus

Moving images and hidden systems — Session 2 moved into the world of the unexplored. Listen for an exploration into the secrets of cities, find out how the elusive giant squid was caught on film and hear a case for the virtue of ignorance. The speakers who appeared this session. Click their name to read […]


Touching the directions: Fellows Friday with Camille SeamanTouching the directions: Fellows Friday with Camille Seaman

Posted By Karen Eng

Native American photographer Camille Seaman devotes years to her subjects, revealing the unfolding of reality over time. For the last decade, she has traveled repeatedly to the Arctic and Antarctic to take portraits of polar ice, witnessing the beauty and loss of a part of Earth most of us will never see. How do your […]


Icebergs with personality and self-assembling toys: The NY Times covers 2 TED FellowsIcebergs with personality and self-assembling toys: The NY Times covers 2 TED Fellows

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

The New York Times doubled-down today on articles about TED Fellows, running stories on Camille Seaman’s portraits of icebergs as well as on Skylar Tibbits’ toys that assemble themselves. The photography blog Lens turned its eye on Seaman’s work, marveling out how she captures the personalities of icebergs and glaciers in her stunning images. “They […]


Q&A: TED Fellow Camille Seaman’s photos give life to ice

Posted By Rachel Tobias

At the Fellows pre-conference and then again at TED University, Camille Seaman introduced us to the icebergs of the great oceans; as she described them: one snowflake on top of another snowflake, year after year. Her “portraits” of these great towering sea beings document the life of the iceberg, from its youth through its melting and […]