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Myths and misconceptions about evolution: A TED-Ed lesson about the subtletiesMyths and misconceptions about evolution: A TED-Ed lesson about the subtleties

Posted By Emmie Le Marchand

Evolution. The concept surrounds us — it’s a standard part of science class, it’s routinely thrown out as explaining our actions in relationships, business and behavior — and yet, so many people hold subtle misunderstandings of what Darwin’s theory actually means. In this animated TED-Ed lesson, educator Alex Gendler gives a primer on the hard-to-grasp […]


Talks to celebrate Charles Darwin’s birthdayTalks to celebrate Charles Darwin’s birthday

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

The day was February 12, 1809. The place was Shrewsbury, England. The person born there: Charles Darwin. With the publication of his classic, On the Origins of Species, Darwin set the wheels in motion for a dramatic transformation of the way human beings understand the world and how we came to exist in it . […]