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The brain and the banjo

Posted By Tedstaff

Bluegrass legend Eddie Adcock had brain surgery last month to correct an essential tremor — an uncontrollable shaking that left him unable to play the banjo. During the surgery, he stayed awake to give feedback while surgeons prodded his brain, looking for the exact spot to stimulate to control the tremor. His method of feedback […]


fMRI can tell what noun you're thinking of (sometimes)

Posted By Emily McManus

From Not Exactly Rocket Science, here’s a thoughtful report on a new fMRI technique that — 70 percent of the time, anyway — can tell what noun a person is thinking of: Tom Mitchell and colleagues from Carnegie Mellon University [used] a technique called functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to visualise the brain activity of […]


See inside your brain in real time: Christopher deCharms on TED.com

Posted By Tedstaff

From last month’s TED conference: Neuroscientist Christopher deCharms demos an amazing new way to use fMRIs to watch the brain in action. Using this technology, if you move your arm, get angry, feel pain, you can see what it looks like in your brain as it happens — and then you can learn to control […]