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11 fascinating “peers incorporated” businesses11 fascinating “peers incorporated” businesses

Posted By Jessica Gross

Robin Chase, the founder of Zipcar, is proud of her company’s emphasis on sharing. But now, a decade later, “it’s really time to push the envelope,” she says in today’s talk filmed at TEDGlobal 2012. Chase’s latest venture, Buzzcar, provides an online platform for people in France to rent cars from their friends and neighbors. […]


7 arts festivals that break the boundary between audience and performer7 arts festivals that break the boundary between audience and performer

Posted By Jessica Gross

To anyone who thinks of arts festivals as a fun bit of window dressing, David Binder’s rejoinder is: look again, and look more closely. In this spirited talk, given at TEDUniversity, the accomplished theater producer (he was behind the New York City phenomenon De La Guarda, a dance performance staged over the audience’s head) describes […]