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The scene in New York as the Curiosity rover landedThe scene in New York as the Curiosity rover landed

Posted By Ben Lillie

New York’s Times Square regularly fills up for great public events, the crowd chanting and cheering. Rarely, however, do they chant, “Science! Science! Science!” as they did last night. An extraordinary number of people came out at 1:31am to watch the landing of Curiosity, NASA’s new Mars rover. The TED Blog decided it would be […]


Countdown to the Mars landing tonight!Countdown to the Mars landing tonight!

Posted By Emily McManus

Tonight at 10:31:30 pm PDT, the rover Curiosity will land on Mars. And if you haven’t yet watched the astonishing way it’ll get down to the surface, just watch this: Why go to Mars? In 2008, Charles Elachi, director of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, asked that question at the Serious Play conference — and answered […]