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Vint Cerf: Actually, the Internet’s going to be just fineVint Cerf: Actually, the Internet’s going to be just fine

Posted By June Cohen

One of the greatest privileges of co-curating TED isn’t just getting to work with incredible speakers, but also talking with those in the audience. Danny Hillis gave a sobering presentation, “The Internet could crash. We need a Plan B,” at TED2013, detailing his concern at the exponential growth of the Internet, and the need for […]


Defending the internet itself: Danny Hillis at TED2013Defending the internet itself: Danny Hillis at TED2013

Posted By Ben Lillie

Danny Hillis has a book. It’s a directory of everyone in the world who had an internet address in 1982, including the names, addresses and telephone numbers. And it was a very thin phonebook. That was the community. It was a tight community where everyone knew and trusted each other. Hillis has been a fixture […]


Disrupt!: The speakers in Session 4 at TED2013Disrupt!: The speakers in Session 4 at TED2013

Posted By Helen Walters

From all the breathless hype that surrounds the topic, you’d be forgiven for thinking that disruptive innovation was a common force throughout the world. Reality proves otherwise. In this session, we brought together a collection of individuals who have some right to the title of disruptor. Their work pushes at the boundaries of what’s expected […]