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There’s more to the small Skybox satellite than meets the eye. Much, much moreThere’s more to the small Skybox satellite than meets the eye. Much, much more

Posted By TED Guest Author

By Jessie Scanlon In January 2011, Fred Villagomez, the head mechanical technician at a Mountain View-based satellite imaging startup, drove east, looping down and around the San Francisco Bay toward Fremont. His destination: an auto plant called NUMMI, a failed joint venture between General Motors and Toyota, whose assets were about to be auctioned off. […]


MOOCs by the numbers: Where are we now?MOOCs by the numbers: Where are we now?

Posted By Thu-Huong Ha

Whatever your opinion of them, you can’t deny that MOOCs have come a long way in the last few years. To help put the massive online courses into some perspective, Alex Cusack, a contributing writer at Moocs.com, a blog that covers news about MOOCs (edited by Zachary Davis, a producer for HarvardX, a spin-off of […]


How to survive without air. Or, David Blaine: visualized!How to survive without air. Or, David Blaine: visualized!

Posted By Helen Walters

Check this out: a rather cool visualization of a TED Talk, courtesy of the Brazilian culture and science magazine Superinteressante. Each month, the magazine’s editors will take one of TED’s talks and give it to their graphic wizards to interpret in any way they see fit, adding a visual design element to presentations that have […]


TED Weekends: Big data gets personalTED Weekends: Big data gets personal

Posted By Shirin Samimi-Moore

At TED2011, Deb Roy shared his talk, “The birth of a word,” describing when he and his wife, Rupal Patel, brought home their baby boy for the first time. The pair sought to shoot a different kind of home video: in every room of their house, a camera recorded eight to ten hours of footage […]


Calling all teens: Become a data detectiveCalling all teens: Become a data detective

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

Just by living our plugged-in lives, each of us is producing a constant stream of data. Little snippets are left behind of what we search, what we buy, where we go, what we tweet … This endless flow of numbers is referred to as “big data,” data sets so large that they require sophisticated parsing […]


Playlist: 6 beautiful talks by data artistsPlaylist: 6 beautiful talks by data artists

Posted By Elizabeth Jacobs

In the information age we have access to more data and knowledge than at any previous point in human history. But more accessible data doesn’t necessarily mean more processable data — tax returns, court cases and newspaper archives may be available to the public, but they are often hard to interpret and understand. Data artists […]


Who else is watching TEDTalks? A visual mapWho else is watching TEDTalks? A visual map

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

Every day, 450,000 people log on to TED.com. But where are they located? And what are they watching—our newest offerings or our classic talks? In the spirit of visual data artists like Hans Rosling and David McCandless, TED web engineer Alex Dean created a map of the United States which shows when and where TEDTalks […]