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Dennis Hong debuts a robot that dances to “Gangnam Style”Dennis Hong debuts a robot that dances to “Gangnam Style”

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

Dennis Hong shared seven species of robots in his talk at TEDxNASA 2009, from the soccer-playing DARwIn to the cliff-gripping CLIMBeR. In this new video, Hong — the director of the Virginia Tech robotics lab RoMeLa — introduces us to CHARLI, a lightweight robot designed to walk and move like a human. Or, you know, […]


My seven species of robot: Dennis Hong on TED.com

Posted By Shanna Carpenter

At TEDxNASA, Dennis Hong introduces seven award-winnning, all-terrain robots — like the humanoid, soccer-playing DARwIn and the cliff-gripping CLIMBeR — all built by his team at RoMeLa, Virginia Tech. Watch to the end to hear the five creative secrets to his lab’s incredible technical success. (Recorded at TEDxNASA, September 2009 in Newport News, VA. Duration: […]