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My City: An artist spray-paints Cairo’s uncertain futureMy City: An artist spray-paints Cairo’s uncertain future

Posted By Alison Prato

Early one morning, hours before the sun would rise, Lebanese-Egyptian artist, activist and historian Bahia Shehab was alone on the streets of Cairo, spray-painting a stenciled message that spoke out against the stripping of veiled women. It’s a campaign she discussed in “A thousand times no,” her inspiring TED Talk, and it was not only […]


The new revolution in Egypt and why I wanted to feminize it: An essayThe new revolution in Egypt and why I wanted to feminize it: An essay

Posted By Bahia Shehab

TED Fellow Bahia Shehab is an Egyptian artist who, at TEDGlobal 2012, shared her love of the Arabic phrase “No and a thousand times no,” boldly revealing that she had been stenciling the words on the streets of Cairo following the revolution of 2011, saying “no to military rule,” “no to burning books,” and “no […]

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Revolution in <em>The Square</em>: Q&A with Jehane NoujaimRevolution in The Square: Q&A with Jehane Noujaim

Posted By Thu-Huong Ha

Egyptian filmmaker Jehane Noujaim won the TED Prize in 2006 with a wish to bring the world together for one day using the power of film. Her most recent work, The Square, saw her heading back to Cairo to track events in Tahrir Square as the Hosni Mubarak regime fell. While there, she filmed a group […]


An ode to 51 lost children: Fellows Friday with Bahia ShehabAn ode to 51 lost children: Fellows Friday with Bahia Shehab

Posted By Bahia Shehab

On November 17, 2012, in a village in Assuit-Egypt, a train crashed into a school bus killing 51 children. These kinds of accidents have always been brushed aside as random acts of chance. The minister of transportation resigned as a result, and the families of the children were compensated financially. There was a huge public outcry […]


Bahia Shehab’s newest evolutions of ‘no’

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

Two years ago, Lebanese-Egyptian artist and historian Bahia Shehab was invited to join an exhibit commemorating 100 years of Islamic art in Europe. The catch: she had to use Arabic script in her work. “As an artist, a woman, an Arab and a human being living in the year 2010, I only had one thing […]