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TED Weekends: Big data gets personalTED Weekends: Big data gets personal

Posted By Shirin Samimi-Moore

At TED2011, Deb Roy shared his talk, “The birth of a word,” describing when he and his wife, Rupal Patel, brought home their baby boy for the first time. The pair sought to shoot a different kind of home video: in every room of their house, a camera recorded eight to ten hours of footage […]


TED Weekends asks: What do Santa Claus and UFOs have in common?TED Weekends asks: What do Santa Claus and UFOs have in common?

Posted By Shirin Samimi-Moore

Santa Claus and UFOs may indeed have something in common. As Michael Shermer shared at TED2010, they are two things that engage the “belief engine” that is also known as our brains. In his talk, “The pattern behind self-deception,” Shermer debunks superstitions and urban legends and shares why we are prone to believe in them […]