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TED and Reddit interview Evgeny Morozov


Today, Internet scientist Evgeny Morozov answers questions from the latest Reddit-powered, TED community-driven interview. Enjoy! rras asks: Do I see any novel and telling reactions and counter-reactions from individuals or groups in response to governments’ manipulation efforts? Digital activism is only possible because creative and tech-savvy activists are usually one step ahead of authorities. Part []

Is CYXYMU the first "digital refugee"?


TED Fellow, journalist and expert on political aspects of the Internet Evgeny Morozov, who spoke at TEDGlobal 2009 on web censorship, cyber-activism and the fallacy if “iPod liberalism,” has a fascinating and thoughtful blog post about yesterday’s social networking outages. Responding to reports that the DDoS attack that downed sites such as Facebook, Twitter and []

Twitter Snapshot: Evgeny Morozov


Evgeny Moroz steps onstage and says: “As an Eastern European, I was brought in to play the pessimist this morning. Bear with me.” His short early-morning talk laid out some uncomfortable truths about the way repressive governments are using the Internet — challenging the assumption that the web is bringing more openness and democracy: @TEDGlobal []