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The top 10 classic fears in literatureThe top 10 classic fears in literature

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By Marianna Torgovnick It’s the story that inspired Moby Dick. In 1819, the crewmembers of the whaleship Essex watched in horror as their boat was struck by a sperm whale and began to flood. Forced into small boats with little food or water, they had three options: they could head to the nearest land, the […]

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11 talks that freaked us out in 201211 talks that freaked us out in 2012

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Vicki Arroyo’s hometown is New Orleans, and after Hurricane Katrina struck, she knew firsthand the looming threat of climate change. In this eye-opening talk from TEDGlobal 2012, “Let’s prepare for our new climate,” Arroyo reveals the startling truths about droughts, rising water levels and natural disasters — that they may only get worse. In 2012, […]


How to read our fears: Karen Thompson Walker at TEDGlobal 2012How to read our fears: Karen Thompson Walker at TEDGlobal 2012

Posted By Ben Lillie

A story of fear In 1819, off the coast of Chile, 20 American sailors watch their whaleship, the Essex, fill with seawater. It had been struck by a sperm whale. They took to their small boats, with limited equipment and little food and water. This story, from Stove by a Whale, the narrative of Owen […]