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Fellows Friday with Oliver Hess


Oliver Hess uses art to challenge the way we think about public space and the built environment. Read this interview to see how giant squid tentacles, rooms brimming with origami and fish taco farms can help do just that. You have several projects in the works. Can you give us an overview of what you’re []

Fighting modern slavery: Fellows Friday with Siddharth Kara


Siddharth Kara fights bonded labor, forced labor, and human trafficking with what he says are the most effective weapons against them: rigorous scientific research and analysis. Read his interview below to learn why dispassionate study may be the antidote to this inherently emotional issue, and why Siddharth is optimistic about the direction of the anti-slavery []

Apply to be a 2011 TED Fellow


The deadline to apply to become a 2011 TED Fellow is August 20, 2010. The TED Fellows program is looking for the next generation of innovators who’ve demonstrated remarkable accomplishment and the potential to positively affect the world. If this sounds like you, first read the tips for applying — and then apply. Learn more []

Fellows Friday with Durreen Shahnaz


From Wall Street to Grameen Bank, the experiences of Durreen Shahnaz’s life are coming together to propel her next project: a stock exchange for socially conscious companies. What are the most important projects you’re involved with? I am creating two companies. My first company is Impact Investment Exchange, which is a trading platform. It’s a []

Fellows Friday with Seth Raphael


Seth Raphael believes in blending technology and magic. That’s right, magic. As a magician and tech-guru, he combines his passions to help people realize the impossible. In this interview, learn about Seth’s unique approach to fostering wonder, his results-oriented workshops, and his love of libraries. Your work is rather unusual, even for TED. Can you []

Fellows Friday with Jane Chen


Jane Chen has helped develop and market a low-cost device that could save millions of premature babies in the developing world. Read this TED interview to discover Jane’s inspirations, love of music and penchant for making pies. (Watch her talk from TEDIndia 2009.) Tell us about your work. I am the co-founder of a non-profit []