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TED Weekends explores the catharsis of revealing secretsTED Weekends explores the catharsis of revealing secrets

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

In 2004, Frank Warren began a massive undertaking: he distributed 3,000 blank postcards and invited strangers to share their secrets with him. This project grew into PostSecret.com – which now holds more than half a million secrets. Warren found that this initiative reveals our common fears, hopes, loves and desires – which are otherwise invisible. […]


New playlists: “Spoken-word fireworks” and “That’s absurd!”New playlists: “Spoken-word fireworks” and “That’s absurd!”

Posted By Tedstaff

TED playlists are collections of talks around a topic, built for you in a thoughtful sequence to illuminate ideas in context. This weekend, two new playlists are available: Spoken-word fireworks and That’s absurd! That’s absurd! 5 quirky talks remind us that life is funny, weird, sweet, absurd. Watch talks by Improv Everywhere’s Charlie Todd and […]


Secrets can take many forms: Frank Warren at TED2012Secrets can take many forms: Frank Warren at TED2012

Posted By Ben Lillie

“Hi, my name’s Frank, and I collect secrets.” That’s Frank Warren, the founder of PostSecret. He started with a crazy idea. In November 2005, he made 3000 postcards with simple instructions. It was blank on one side, and on the other instructions telling them to write an anonymous secret and mail it to him. He passed the […]