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The ethics of genetically enhanced monkey-slavesThe ethics of genetically enhanced monkey-slaves

Posted By David Webber

Think parents should be able to select their children’s talents and personalities? Or want to run and hide in the woods at the thought of it? Whatever your opinion, it is precisely the kind of question that Julian Savulescu wants you to take seriously. Professor of practical ethics at the University of Oxford, Savulescu thinks […]


What I learned at TEDxDeExtinctionWhat I learned at TEDxDeExtinction

Posted By Becky Chung

How amazing would it be to see a wooly mammoth, raised from the dead, walking the permafrost of the North again? Or to look up at the sky and see a flock of passenger pigeons fly by? Or to witness a gastric-brooding frog hiccup tadpoles out the mouth from an embryo located in its stomach? […]


Everything you need to know about TEDxDeExtinctionEverything you need to know about TEDxDeExtinction

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

Stewart Brand begins today’s TED Talk with an elegy for Martha of Cincinnati, who died in 1914. No, Martha is not a person. She was the very last passenger pigeon. “Extinction is a different kind of death — it’s bigger,” says Brand in this talk, given at TED2013. “This had been the most abundant bird […]