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Exclusive video: How to make a cocktail from strawberry DNAExclusive video: How to make a cocktail from strawberry DNA

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

DNA. It’s what encodes the genetic material of every living thing. And it also makes a yummy cocktail. This video, which stars TED Fellow synthetic biologist Oliver Medvedik, shows you how to make a delicious adult beverage out of frozen strawberries, pineapple juice and Bacardi 151. Follow the adorably animated instructions, and you’ll be able […]


Video: Fly to Alaska to “barcode” plants with Ellen JorgensenVideo: Fly to Alaska to “barcode” plants with Ellen Jorgensen

Posted By Tedstaff

What is DNA barcoding, you ask? It’s a precise way of identifying plant species using their DNA (as opposed to external characteristics that might vary from plant to plant). In this video, Ellen Jorgensen — who gave today’s TED Talk “Biohacking, you can do it too”  – heads to a remote region of Alaska to collect […]


DIY Biohack!: Fellows Friday with Oliver MedvedikDIY Biohack!: Fellows Friday with Oliver Medvedik

Posted By Karen Eng

Ever want to play with genes? Synthetic biologist Oliver Medvedik thinks anyone should be able to access a biology lab and tinker with the stuff of life. That’s why he co-founded Genspace, the world’s first fully equipped community biolab, where citizen scientists of all stripes meet to explore, experiment and learn about genetic engineering. What […]