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Live from TEDGlobal 2013

TEDGlobal 2013, visually scribedTEDGlobal 2013, visually scribed

Posted By Bgiussani

Installed in the middle of the social spaces during TEDGlobal 2013 two weeks ago, three visual scribes kept busy throughout the conference drawing, capturing and sometimes deconstructing the content of every talk on giant whiteboards. David Christie, Fernanda de Uriarte and Tom Oswald, of the London firm Innovation Arts, turned the ideas expressed by the speakers on […]


A field guide to TED graphic notesA field guide to TED graphic notes

Posted By Becky Chung

At TED 2011, Sunni Brown encouraged doodling everywhere – classrooms and meeting rooms included. “The doodle … engages all four learning modalities simultaneously, with the possibility of an emotional experience,” she says in her classic talk. Yes, it’s proven that doodling helps you remember things more efficiently. Graphic notetaking is the doodle, evolved and tamed. […]


Graphic notes on Chip Kidd … and moreGraphic notes on Chip Kidd … and more

Posted By TED Guest Author

Tricia Walker shares a snapshot of this sketchbook page inspired by Chip Kidd’s TEDTalk: Check out more graphic note-taking from TED and TEDx events on our Pinterest board “Speak Now” — and if you’ve got your own great notes from watching a TEDTalk, share them in the comments below!