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Why this might just be the most significant TED Talk ever postedWhy this might just be the most significant TED Talk ever posted

Posted By Chris Anderson

I want to give you the back story behind today’s TED Talk and make the case that it’s one of the most significant we’ve ever posted. And I’m not just talking about its incredible animation. I’m talking about its core idea. Two years ago the psychologist Steven Pinker and the philosopher Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, who are […]


TED Radio Hour asks: “Do We Need Humans?”TED Radio Hour asks: “Do We Need Humans?”

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

Today, TED Radio Hour asks two questions many of us are scared to pose: will human beings have a purpose as robots become more adept at performing tasks and projecting emotions? And as technology gets more advanced, how does interaction between human beings change? In this episode — the third in season two — Sherry […]


Who Are We?: The speakers in Session 11 of TED2013Who Are We?: The speakers in Session 11 of TED2013

Posted By Morton Bast

The name says it all: this session took a look at everything that human beings do, think and know. From thoughts on what makes a civilization decline to the roots of our morality, these speakers shared some of the stats and stories that point to our collective identity. Here, the speakers who appeared in this […]