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6 fascinating talks charting informal economies6 fascinating talks charting informal economies

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

When we hear the phrase “the economy,” often the first images that pop to mind are crisp bills being printed in a government treasury, or suited traders wheeling and dealing on the floor of a stock exchange, or a mall where suburban shoppers buy T-shirts and sneakers before grabbing a Cinnabon. But as journalist Robert […]


System D, the informal economy: Robert Neuwirth at TEDGlobal 2012System D, the informal economy: Robert Neuwirth at TEDGlobal 2012

Posted By Ben Lillie

“In System D, this is a store,” says Robert Neuwirth as he shows a photo of a woman sitting on a plank beside a canal in Makoko in Lagos, a booming shantytown built on stilts over the water. It’s a place where “there are no streets where there are stores to shop, and so the shop comes […]