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Talking with animals: 7 examples of interspecies communicationTalking with animals: 7 examples of interspecies communication

Posted By Brooke Borel

Dolphins are “natural acousticians,” according to marine mammal behavioral biologist Denise Herzing. Individuals have signature whistles, just as we have names, and they can also send buzzes and tickles across long distances to physically signal one another. Echolocation clicks help them navigate in the water, and they erupt in bursts of squawks during fights. They […]


The language of dolphins: Denise Herzing at TED2013The language of dolphins: Denise Herzing at TED2013

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

A dolphin’s brain-to-body-weight ratio is second only to a human’s. They live complex social lives, can understand abstract concepts and even use tools. But as Denise Herzing asks in Session 8 of TED2013, “Do they have a language? If so, what are they talking about?” For 28 years, Herzing has been researching dolphins in the wild, spending five […]