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How should we talk about transgender issues?How should we talk about transgender issues?

Posted By Thu-Huong Ha

Geena Rocero did a pretty bold thing at TED2014: She came out. The transgender fashion model chose Vancouver to reveal to the world that she was assigned male at birth. “I am here exposed … to help others live without shame and terror,” she says in today’s talk. The trans community has had a spotlight […]


Gallery: iO Tillett Wright examines the 50+ shades of gayGallery: iO Tillett Wright examines the 50+ shades of gay

Posted By TED Guest Author

iO Tillett Wright remembers the moment she decided to start living as a boy — age 6 when the kids at school barked at her that girls weren’t allowed to play basketball. As a teenager and adult, Tillett Wright went on to fall in love with a woman, and then to fall in love with […]