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How movies can influence technologyHow movies can influence technology

Posted By Thu-Huong Ha

Last night at TED2013, the Motion Picture Association of America hosted a nighttime discussion on the topic of how film has shaped some of modern day’s most cutting-edge technology. The prime example: John Underkoffler’s user interface inspired by his work on Minority Report. We were joined by Industrial Light & Magic, the visual effects division of […]


Explore exoplanets with a wave: A collaboration to visualize Kepler dataExplore exoplanets with a wave: A collaboration to visualize Kepler data

Posted By Emily McManus

Wired UK brings news of a fascinating collaboration to explore data from NASA’s Kepler mission, which has brought back evidence of thousands of exoplanets, or planets outside our own solar system. Some exoplanets are huge, some tiny, near or distant, hot or cold — and some may even be Earth-like, offering clues to the origin […]