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TEDWeekends thinks you should rethink your sanityTEDWeekends thinks you should rethink your sanity

Posted By Tedstaff

At TED2012, Jon Ronson wove a mind-bending tale that asks: How can we truly tell who is a psychopath? What’s the line between crazy and sane? And is it something we can truly delineate, or are we trying to discern black and white in a color-soaked world? Today’s TEDWeekends on the Huffington Post picks up […]


Comments we loved this year: The polite critiqueComments we loved this year: The polite critique

Posted By Morton Bast

TED Talks often get 100 or more comments — a mixed bag of kudos, critiques and questions. Looking back on the year, here are a few comments that wowed us. Every video on TED.com is carefully selected, but not every TEDster will like every talk. Disagree with a speaker’s logic, methods or sources? We want […]


Don’t define people by their maddest edges: Jon Ronson at TED2012Don’t define people by their maddest edges: Jon Ronson at TED2012

Posted By Helen Walters

Photo: James Duncan Davidson Journalist and writer Jon Ronson is now on stage to share some of the insights from his recent book on, well, psychopaths. Now, here’s the thing about Ronson. On first sight, he looks something like a sleepy, shuffly mole, slightly surprised at where he seems to have woken up. Yet his tousled […]