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Live from TEDGlobal 2013

From hunger to hope: Joseph Kim at TEDGlobal 2013From hunger to hope: Joseph Kim at TEDGlobal 2013

Posted By Karen Eng

“North Korea is often in the news, conjuring images of missiles, weapons, dictatorships and sometimes eccentric habits,” says Adrian Hong, TED Fellow and guest curator of Session 9, Forces of Change at TEDGlobal 2013. “But underneath all that bluster is a country racked by starvation, by oppression, by fear, by concentration camps. In many ways, […]

Live from TEDGlobal 2013

Forces of Change: The speakers in session 9 of TEDGlobal 2013Forces of Change: The speakers in session 9 of TEDGlobal 2013

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

In George Ayittey’s classic TED Talk from 2007, he describes two factions in Africa toggling for control — the “hippo generation,” the ruling elites riddled with corruption and inaction, and the “cheetah generation,” the fast-moving entrepreneurial leaders with the ability to create change. This session — guest hosted by TED Fellows Adrian Hong (who works […]