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How should we talk about transgender issues?How should we talk about transgender issues?

Posted By Thu-Huong Ha

Geena Rocero did a pretty bold thing at TED2014: She came out. The transgender fashion model chose Vancouver to reveal to the world that she was assigned male at birth. “I am here exposed … to help others live without shame and terror,” she says in today’s talk. The trans community has had a spotlight […]


Kate Stone: I’m proud to be transgender — but ask me about my work firstKate Stone: I’m proud to be transgender — but ask me about my work first

Posted By Thu-Huong Ha

When creative scientist Kate Stone gave her talk at TED2013, her biggest worry was whether her paper DJ decks would work onstage. Something she didn’t think twice about: being “outed” as transgender. She didn’t want to detract from her work, and figured that her gender identity was her own personal business. But now, one year later, […]


Rock, paper, scissors! These 5 TED Talks play with paper in fresh waysRock, paper, scissors! These 5 TED Talks play with paper in fresh ways

Posted By Nia Ashley

Architect Shigeru Ban uses paper tubes to build temporary, ecologically sustainable structures. These geometrically complex structures can be big and impressive — like a concave complex built for Expo 2000 in Germany — or small and functional, like the half-pipe office Ban built for himself atop the Pompadou Center in Paris. No matter their size […]


Three important life skills, according to Kate StoneThree important life skills, according to Kate Stone

Posted By Helen Walters

Yesterday, Kate Stone charmed the assembled TED audience with her tales of failing exams, living on a sheep farm in Australia, and developing genuinely interactive paper. Today, she shared three simple skills she’s learned along the way–and described why she thinks these are actually critical life skills. 1. Know how to dig a hole. Stone […]


Manipulating electrons, playing with paper: Kate Stone at TED2013Manipulating electrons, playing with paper: Kate Stone at TED2013

Posted By Helen Walters

Kate Stone loves paper, and she loves technology, so she resolved to combine the two, which she shows us in a magical demonstration on the TED stage. But first, three key moments that got her to where she is today: 1. An obsession with technology: As a child, she hid switches behind the wall in her bedroom, […]


Create!: The speakers in Session 6 at TED2013Create!: The speakers in Session 6 at TED2013

Posted By Ben Lillie

Once you dream, you have to do. The speakers in Session 6 have spent their careers giving form to ideas. They are makers, builders, artists and implementers — all with fascinating ideas about what it means to be a creative person. The speakers who appeared in this session. Click on their name to read a […]


6 talks on making electronics fun6 talks on making electronics fun

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

“I make paper interactive,” says Kate Stone in today’s talk, given at TED2013. Because this description of her work “really confuses most people,” the best way to understand it is to see it in action. So in this talk, Stone demonstrates some of her very cool creations — like a poster that can pick the […]