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TED and National Geographic: Shared mission, shared planet, shared stage

Posted By Shanna Carpenter

National Geographic shares stories that inspire people to care for our world, and TED leverages the power of ideas to change the world. It could be said that we share some common ground. Unsurprisingly, almost half of the National Geographic Explorers, as well as a few members of their staff, have given TEDTalks. Below the […]


Celebrating the camel: Keith Bellows on TED.com

Posted By Emily McManus

Keith Bellows gleefully (and profanely) outlines the engineering marvels of the camel, a vital creature he calls “the SUV of the desert.” Though he couldn’t bring a live camel to TED, he gets his National Geographic camera crew as close as humanly possible to a one-ton beast in full rut. (Recorded February 2002 in Monterey, […]