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Stopping Pandemics: Larry Brilliant on TED.com

Posted By Jenny Zurawell

Today we present a fine 2006 reserve from physician, epidemiologist and TED Prize winner Larry Brilliant on stopping pandemics. Larry Brilliant’s background is admittedly “unconventional”, but it is precisely his avant-garde approach to life that formed the mise en scène for participating in extraordinary, world-changing projects. As a doctor in the early 1970s he joined […]


New Edge videos explore the staggering potential of genetics

Posted By Matthew Trost

What is life? Can we create it? Customize it? Edge has just published over six hours of video from their new Master Class on the future of biology, which attempts to answer those and other provocative questions. Featuring geneticists George Church and Craig Venter, the set is a a surprising, challenging look at what science […]


Google Flu Trends uses web search to track real flu

Posted By Emily McManus

From Google.org (headed by 2006 TED Prize winner Larry Brilliant) comes this neat data display: Google Flu Trends. The project came about after some Google search engineers wondered if, in communities where more people searched on the term “flu,” there might actually be more flu. After talking with the Predict and Prevent group at Google.org, […]


Dick Clark on Jill Bolte Taylor

Posted By Tedstaff

Among the many TEDTalks stars on this year’s Time 100 list, Jill Bolte Taylor gets perhaps the coolest biographer: Dick Clark. He writes: Through her writings and lectures, she has done perhaps more than anyone else to explain, both to the healthy and the stricken, what a stroke is. Read the whole list >>

TED Prize

Larry Brilliant profiled in Rolling Stone

Posted By Tedstaff

2006 TED Prize winner Larry Brilliant is profiled in the latest Rolling Stone. The long piece talks about Brilliant’s amazing life, from the hippie days of the 1960s, to his time in India helping eradicate smallpox, to his current job as head of Google.org, charged with spending some of Google’s money to solve global health […]


Why be optimistic? Larry Brilliant at Skoll World Forum, on TED.com

Posted By Tedstaff

Recorded at the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship, Oxford, UK: 2006 TED Prize winner and Google.org director Larry Brilliant uses a clip from an old Frank Capra movie to show that we’ve known about global warming for 50 years — yet in half a century, we’ve done almost nothing to solve it. He explores […]


Brilliant, Larry

Posted By Chris Anderson

A wonderful evening in Woodside last night with TED Prize Winner Dr Larry Brilliant and 100 TEDsters. He shared a little of his story, his involvement in the eradication of smallpox, and his current desire to do something about the risk of an avian flu pandemic.He was simultaneously terrifying and inspiring, and provoked a remarkable […]


TED Prize Winner: Larry Brilliant

Posted By Tedconfamy

It’s difficult to resist making a pun around the name Larry Brilliant. Board-certified in preventive medicine and public health, Larry lived in India for 10 years — first at a Himalayan monastery, and later as a diplomat working for the UN. He helped lead the successful WHO smallpox-eradication program and later founded the Seva Foundation, […]