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Phil Hansen channels your stories of limitations into artPhil Hansen channels your stories of limitations into art

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

In this 16-minute documentary, artist Phil Hansen stands in front of a giant blank canvas with a Sharpie in one hand and his cell phone in the other. Soon, using just these tools, a detailed image emerges — one of three birds maintaining in choppy water. When Hansen’s TED Talk, Embrace the Shake, was posted […]


TED Radio Hour takes us “To the Edge”TED Radio Hour takes us “To the Edge”

Posted By Emmie Le Marchand

“By inspiring ourselves, we inspire others.” These are the words of tightrope walker Philippe Petit in this week’s TED Radio Hour from NPR, “To the Edge.” hosted by Guy Raz. The episode overflows with speakers who have gone to the edge in some way: rowing across oceans; exploring caves as deep as Mount Everest is […]


Embrace the shake: Phil Hansen at TED2013Embrace the shake: Phil Hansen at TED2013

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

In art school, Phil Hansen developed a shake in his hand. He couldn’t so much as draw a straight line anymore. After years of excelling in pointillism, his tight grip of the pen had caused permanent nerve damage. “To me this was doomsday. This was the destruction of my dream of becoming an artist,” says Hansen in […]