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A littleBit rock ‘n’ roll: Reggie Watts rocks the newly launched SynthKit, and electronic music goes mini-modularA littleBit rock ‘n’ roll: Reggie Watts rocks the newly launched SynthKit, and electronic music goes mini-modular

Posted By Karen Eng

Above: Reggie Watts demonstrates the littleBits SynthKit For the last week, the internet has been grooving to the video above of Reggie Watts making some funky noise with the newly launched SynthKit — the latest offering from TED Fellow Ayah Bdeir’s littleBits electronic building block company, and the product of a three-way partnership between littleBits, Watts and world-renowned […]


LittleBits beep and blip from MoMA Design Store window displaysLittleBits beep and blip from MoMA Design Store window displays

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

If you pass a MoMA Design Store in New York City today, you’ll notice a slew of entrancing kinetic sculptures in their windows – a giant shark swimming after a lure and a cyclist powering a cardboard ferris wheel. Each of these sculptures is powered by littleBits, the Lego-like electronic toys created by TED Fellow […]


LittleBitty Monsters go to TED2013LittleBitty Monsters go to TED2013

Posted By Karen Eng

At TED2012, Senior Fellow Ayah Bdeir’s included a littleBits mini kit in the TED gift bag. It was a smash hit at the conference and beyond. This year, Ayah wanted to take it one step further and start a conversation! These limited edition kit puppets – a dragon and a bear – are littleBits’ first project […]


“LEGO for the iPad generation” gets funding“LEGO for the iPad generation” gets funding

Posted By Karen Eng

. LittleBits are Tinkertoys, gone electronic.  Some circuits, some lights, some buzzers and some buttons, these brightly colored pieces snap together with magnets, allowing for creation of projects that do things, rather than just sit there. The brainchild of TED Fellow Ayah Bdeir — who explained the littleBits in a talk at TED2012 — this […]