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Ads Worth Spreading: 10 great ads from 2014 that communicate ideasAds Worth Spreading: 10 great ads from 2014 that communicate ideas

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

Today’s viewing audiences are far too sophisticated for advertisements full of fake doctors, the word “sale” flashing on repeat, and tight clothing on attractive models. Today, we want ads to actually speak to us—to connect to our hopes and dreams, to flip our thinking in unexpected ways and to reflect the world we’d like to […]


Millennials, learn to code, says Razorfish CEO at TED AnnexMillennials, learn to code, says Razorfish CEO at TED Annex

Posted By Kate Welsh

“Your lifestyle is the future of marketing,” Bob Lord told a group of young New Yorkers at the TED Annex (our new spillover office) on Tuesday night. About 80 interns and young professionals from local marketing firms came together to eat pizza and hear Lord’s advice on merging creativity and digital know-how, during a conversation […]


The creatives behind TED Ads Worth Spreading on YouTube

Posted By Shanna Carpenter

Today, YouTube’s homepage spotlight features interviews with the creatives behind the campaigns that won TED’s Ads Worth Spreading —  an initiative to recognize and reward innovation, ingenuity and intelligence in advertising. The 10 winning ads were unveiled at TED2012 and representatives of each campaign attended the conference from Tunisia, Germany, Japan, Canada and the US. The […]