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Matthieu Ricard's new humanitarian site: Karuna-Shechen


The “happiest man in the world,” Matthieu Ricard balances his Buddhist contemplation of happiness (watch his TEDTalk on the habits of happiness) with an active life as a humanitarian in the Himalayas. Learn more about his projects — and get involved — at the new website for his Karuna-Shechen foundation. Karuna-Shechen brings medical help and []

Stumbling on sadness?


Many TEDTalks explore themes of happiness — Stumbling on Happiness‘ Daniel Gilbert, Mattheiu Ricard (who’s been called the Happiest Man on Earth), happy designer Stefan Sagmeister, and many more … Now a recent story in Newsweek rounds up the latest on happiness’ opposite: sadness. It’s an interesting gloss on the growing happiness industry — and []

Habits of happiness: Matthieu Ricard on TED.com


What is happiness, and how can we all get some? Buddhist monk, photographer and author Matthieu Ricard has devoted his life to these questions, and his answer is influenced by his faith as well as by his scientific turn of mind: We can train our minds in habits of happiness. Interwoven with his talk are []