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An in-office TED all about designAn in-office TED all about design

Posted By Tedstaff

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, design affects us in hundreds — if not thousands of ways — each day. Just think back to your morning. A designer made the decisions that went into the craftsmanship of your bed, your futon, your mattress. A designer determined the form and materials of your toothbrush, your […]


LittleBits beep and blip from MoMA Design Store window displaysLittleBits beep and blip from MoMA Design Store window displays

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

If you pass a MoMA Design Store in New York City today, you’ll notice a slew of entrancing kinetic sculptures in their windows – a giant shark swimming after a lure and a cyclist powering a cardboard ferris wheel. Each of these sculptures is powered by littleBits, the Lego-like electronic toys created by TED Fellow […]