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New Edge videos explore the staggering potential of genetics

Posted By Matthew Trost

What is life? Can we create it? Customize it? Edge has just published over six hours of video from their new Master Class on the future of biology, which attempts to answer those and other provocative questions. Featuring geneticists George Church and Craig Venter, the set is a a surprising, challenging look at what science […]


The week in comments

Posted By Shanna Carpenter

This was an especially lively week on the TED commenting front, as our community tackled debates on swine flu, race and politics, and globalization. These amazing discussions can get a little heated — so we appreciate that there always seems to be a voice of reason that emerges from the group to soothe frazzled nerves […]


Q&A on swine flu with virus hunter Nathan Wolfe: "We've created a perfect storm for viruses"

Posted By June Cohen

Swine flu has made this a busy week for virus hunter Nathan Wolfe, who spoke at TED2009 about preventing the next pandemic. His groundbreaking Global Viral Forecasting Initiative (supported by grants from Google.org, the Skoll Foundation and others) monitors people in close contact with animals (such as subsistence hunters in central Africa) to catch new […]


TED and National Geographic: Shared mission, shared planet, shared stage

Posted By Shanna Carpenter

National Geographic shares stories that inspire people to care for our world, and TED leverages the power of ideas to change the world. It could be said that we share some common ground. Unsurprisingly, almost half of the National Geographic Explorers, as well as a few members of their staff, have given TEDTalks. Below the […]


An immune system for the planet: Exclusive interview with Nathan Wolfe

Posted By Matthew Trost

Using genetic sequencing, needle-in-a-haystack research, and dogged persistence (crucial to getting spoilage-susceptible samples through the jungle and to the lab), Nathan Wolfe has proven what was science-fiction conjecture only a few decades ago — not only do viruses jump from animals to humans, but they do so all the time. Along the way Wolfe has […]


Hunting for the next AIDS: Nathan Wolfe on TED.com

Posted By Tedstaff

Virus hunter Nathan Wolfe is outwitting the next pandemic by staying two steps ahead: discovering new, deadly viruses where they first emerge — passing from animals to humans among poor subsistence hunters in Africa — before they claim millions of lives. (Recorded at TED2009, February 2009, in Long Beach, California. Duration: 12:20.) Watch Nathan Wolfe’s […]