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Maira Kalman on Alvar Aalto, in T Magazine

Posted By Tedstaff

A lovely moment in the latest T Magazine, in this Sunday’s New York Times: Maira Kalman writes about and illustrates her classic Alvar Aalto vase. Read the full story >>


TED Salon: Further reading

Posted By Tedstaff

Some selected source material and references from Wednesday night’s TED Salon: David Keith (pictured, left) showed a New York Times editorial on the coming climate change — from May 24, 1953: How Industry May Change ClimateThe amount of carbon dioxide in the air will double by the year 2080 and raise the temperature an average […]


A freak blog migrates into an institution

Posted By Bgiussani

After over two years at freakonomics.com, Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner – co-authors of the 3-million-copies "Freakonomics" — last week moved their blog under a bigger and more institutional brand, that of the Opinion section of the New York Times’ website. Levitt spoke at TED2004 offering a preview of a chapter of "Freakonomics" titled "Why […]


New TED.com and TED's June Cohen featured in today's New York Times

Posted By Tom Rielly

Today’s New York Times carries an article by E-Commerce reporter Bob Tedeschi about the new TED.com: Hiroko Masuike for The New York Times June Cohen, director of TED Media, said putting conference presentations on the Internet helped increase exposure. By BOB TEDESCHIPublished: April 16, 2007THOSE who don’t have $6,000 or enough prominent connections to get […]