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Telling the story of Ezra, a child soldier: Newton Aduaka on TED.com

Posted By Tedstaff

Filmmaker Newton Aduaka shows clips from his powerful, lyrical feature film Ezra, about a child soldier in Sierra Leone. (Recorded June 2007 at TEDGlobal 2007 in Arusha, Tanzania. Duration: 18:43.) Watch Newton Aduaka’s talk from TEDGlobal 2007 on TED.com, where you can download this TEDTalk, rate it, comment on it and find other talks and […]


From blogger Jennifer Brea: "Writing A New Story About Africa"

Posted By June Cohen

Beijing-based blogger Jennifer Brea is one of 100 Fellows attending TEDGlobal. She’s the Francophonia editor for Global Voices, and a prolific and powerful blogger about Africa. I love what she wrote about rethinking media coverage of Africa. Just an excerpt below. Read the full post here. The first day’s speakers–Euvin Naidoo, Andrew Mwenda, Carol Pineau, […]


[TEDGlobal 2007] Session 2: Looking Back to Look Forward

Posted By June Cohen

We began session two looking back to … session one. Bono offered an unscheduled talk, taking on the anti-aid stance of journalist Andrew Mwenda, articulated earlier that day. (A bit of background: Bono’s moving 2005 TED Prize acceptance speech helped ignite within the TED Community a heightened interest in Africa, and led quite directly to […]