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How Star Trek will finally come trueHow Star Trek will finally come true

Posted By TED Guest Author

by Nilofer Merchant In the next 30 years, the full Star Trek story will actually come true.  Already, we’ve seen many of the show’s far-fetched ideas come to fruition. Everyone now carries a communicator, aka the smart phone. We have medical devices that test for diseases with light, not by drawing blood (like new tests for anemia […]


Gift idea: Make your own TED DVDGift idea: Make your own TED DVD

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

In her talk from TED2013, Nilofer Merchant inspired many to try walking meetings rather than spend hour-upon-hour in a chair. Now, this business innovator has another idea that you might want to adopt: giving the gift of TED to people on your holiday shopping list. In a blog post this week, Merchant put together a […]


Walking meetings? 5 surprising thinkers who swore by themWalking meetings? 5 surprising thinkers who swore by them

Posted By Jessica Gross

In today’s talk, Nilofer Merchant gives a startling statistic: we’re sitting, on average, for 9.3 hours per day—far more than the 7.7 hours we spend sleeping. “Sitting is so incredibly prevalent, we don’t even question how much we’re doing it,” Merchant says. “In that way, sitting has become the smoking of our generation.” But there […]


Walk with me, talk with me: Nilofer Merchant at TED2013Walk with me, talk with me: Nilofer Merchant at TED2013

Posted By Thu-Huong Ha

Chances are, what you’re doing at this very minute is killing you. That’s right, sitting down is killing you. As Nilofer Merchant tells us today at TED, people sit 9.3 hours a day, more than they even sleep. As you sit, you don’t burn fat, and inactivity causes 10 percent of colon and breast cancer. […]


Progress Enigma: The speakers in Session 1 of TED2013Progress Enigma: The speakers in Session 1 of TED2013

Posted By Emily McManus

As we assembled TED2013′s lineup of speakers from around the world, talked with the TED brain trust, and listened to online conversations, one theme emerged: What is the future of work? Technology and new business practices are, in many ways, putting an end to the classic “good job,” the kind that millions of people once […]