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The changing face of explorationThe changing face of exploration

Posted By David Lang

To explore is human. It’s as basic as cooking and bathing, and as essential as song and dance. It’s not something that needs a lengthy explanation — whether you’re 3 or 103, it’s the tingly feeling you get in the bottom of your stomach when you venture into unknown terrain. Across ages and cultures, there […]


X Marks the Spot: Underwater wonders on the TEDx blogX Marks the Spot: Underwater wonders on the TEDx blog

Posted By Nadia Goodman

This week, over at the TEDx blog, we got really into oceans and all the fascinating creatures that hang out there. (Especially sea turtles. We’re obsessed.) We explored how baby sea turtles survive the great wide world, how dolphins blow bubble rings for underwater play, and how divers feel swimming with some of the world’s […]


How big is the ocean? A summer-appropriate TED-Ed lessonHow big is the ocean? A summer-appropriate TED-Ed lesson

Posted By Emmie Le Marchand

“Imagine yourself standing on a beach, looking out at the ocean — waves crashing against the shore, blue as far as your eyes can see.” This is the opening line of Scott Gass’ TED-Ed lesson, “How big is the ocean?” But the animated video gives you much more to think about than sand between your […]


Unreasonable at sea: Fellows Friday with Cesar Harada, who circumnavigated the globe with ProteiUnreasonable at sea: Fellows Friday with Cesar Harada, who circumnavigated the globe with Protei

Posted By Karen Eng

In January of 2013, TED Fellow Cesar Harada, inventor of an open-source sailing robot, set sail on a four-month, 14-country round-the-world journey with Unreasonable at Sea, a global innovation accelerator on board a boat. Here, he tells us about how this extraordinary voyage helped crystallize his vision for how his open source sailing robot Protei will […]


TED Weekends dives into the deep seaTED Weekends dives into the deep sea

Posted By Shirin Samimi-Moore

Underwater, there’s a world full of the bioluminescent and colorfully firework-like creatures. This is what David Gallo showed us in his classic talk from TED2007, “Underwater astonsihments.” The most interesting part: We have only explored about 3% of the world’s oceans, Gallo explains and, in this talk, he shares some views of that fascinating fraction […]


10 talks on creatures from the deep10 talks on creatures from the deep

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

Imagine a squid so big that, when sprawled out, it is the size of a two-story house. Edith Widder has now seen this enormous ocean creature, once the stuff of nautical legend, six times. In today’s talk, Widder shares how we now have filmed proof of the giant squid’s existence, thanks to a mission conducted […]


Learn more about ocean filmmaker Mike deGruyLearn more about ocean filmmaker Mike deGruy

Posted By Emily McManus

On February 4, 2012, ocean filmmaker and educator Mike deGruy was killed in a helicopter crash while on assignment in Australia, along with pilot and filmmaker Andrew Wright. DeGruy (pronounced “degree”) was an Emmy-winning science documentarian and a mainstay of Shark Week; he also worked on James Cameron documentaries about the Titanic and Bismarck and […]


Asha de Vos meets a puppet of herselfAsha de Vos meets a puppet of herself

Posted By Karen Eng

Blue whale researcher and TED Senior Fellow Asha de Vos unveiled her TED-Ed lesson today on the TED Fellows stage. The video — “Why are blue whales so enormous?” — stars a puppet version of de Vos, which she had been coveting for weeks. So Fellows & Community Director Tom Rielly presented her with it, hand-carried from […]


See much more of Sue Austin’s incredible wheelchair artSee much more of Sue Austin’s incredible wheelchair art

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

Sue Austin’s first ride in a wheelchair was an exhilarating one. “An extended illness had changed the way I could access the world … I’d seen my life slip away and become restricted,” explains Austin in today’s talk, which was given at TEDxWomen in December. “When I started using the wheelchair 16 years ago, it was a […]


The best of TED-Ed: How math guides ships at seaThe best of TED-Ed: How math guides ships at sea

Posted By Tedstaff

You learn something new every day. This is especially true if you watch TED-Ed lessons, which use animation to bring to life topics as varied as “Insults by Shakespeare” and “Pizza Physics.” As a holiday gift, we’re bringing you a few of the TED-Ed’s team’s favorite talks of the year. Here, a second look at the lesson […]