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Brother Paulus Terwitte at TEDGlobal 2009: Running notes from Session 12

Posted By Shanna Carpenter

Brother Paulus Terwitte takes the stage and immediately confronts the two questions he says everyone always asks. The first is, “Are you a real monk?” When he asked that, his usual reply is “Are you real?” The second is: “What do you do?” His answer to that one is, “Nothing.” He says that he does […]


Twitter Snapshot: Brother Paulus Terwitte asks, "Where are you?"

Posted By Matthew Trost

A Capuchin friar and a household name in Germany, Brother Paulus Terwitte looks at the possibility of a simple, contemplative spiritual life — in a world laden with distractions and complications. Is posting a Twitter Snapshot slightly … ironic? Twitter users meditated on this, and other questions: Google is the new forbidden apple.. Brother Terwitte.. […]