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Taking the next giant leap into space: Peter Diamandis on TED.com


X Prize founder Peter Diamandis lays out several very good reasons to keep exploring space — and he talks about how, with the help of the X Prize and other incentives, we’re going to do just that. He also talks about the next phase of the X Prize, driving radical breakthroughs in many technologies that []

Flying Stephen Hawking into zero g: Peter Diamandis on TED.com


X Prize founder Peter Diamandis talks about how he helped Stephen Hawking fulfill his dream of going to space — by flying together into the upper atmosphere and experiencing weightlessness at zero g. (Recorded February 2008 in Monterey, California. Duration: 04:01.)   Watch Peter Diamandis’ 2008 talk on TED.com, where you can download it, rate []

TED2008: What Stirs Us?


(Unedited running notes from the TED2008 conference in Monterey, California. Session ten.) Anthropologist Helen Fisher studies romantic love — its evolution, its biochemical foundations, and its importance to human society. She gave a talk at TED2006 (watch the video). Her current research is on why we fall in love and how.In the jungle of Guatemala, []

First look at Branson/Rutan's space terminal


Making private space travel possible and accessible to everyone has been a recurring topic at recent TED conferences, discussed by speakers such as Burt Rutan at TED 2006 (watch his speech), Peter Diamandis at TEDGLOBAL 2005, Richard Branson at TED 2007 and others. This week the first images of the central terminal and hangar facility []

Rocket Racing League: Nascar in the sky


Fifteen months after disseminating hints at TEDGLOBAL in Oxford, XPrize‘s Peter Diamandis and his posse are getting ready to annouce their plans for the first Rocket Racing League (RRL) races. The RRL is a racing competition akin to Nascar, with cars replaced by rocket-powered aircrafts called X-Racers that will zip around a virtual track in []

WIRED Rave Awards for Cameron Sinclair, Peter Diamandis, Saul Griffith …


TEDPrize winner Cameron Sinclair is having a very good year. Fresh on the heels of both the TEDPrize and the RISD/Target Emerging Designer Award, tonight he’ll receive a WIRED Rave Award, recognizing him and his wife/Architecture for Humanity co-founder Kate Stohr for innovation in architecture. WIRED is also raving about other TED speakers, who’ll be []