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The future of facial recognition: 7 fascinating factsThe future of facial recognition: 7 fascinating facts

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

Alessandro Acquisti thinks we are about to have an Adam and Eve moment, where all of a sudden we realize that we aren’t wearing any clothes. Up until now, we have — for the most part — willingly offered up our personal information online without thinking too much about it. But as Acquisti puts it […]


This July 4, protests against data surveillance

Posted By Emily McManus

Today, several US-based internet communities — including 4chan (watch Christopher “moot” Poole’s TED Talk), Mozilla (watch Gary Kovacs’ talk), Fark (Drew Curtis has given a TED Talk too), and Reddit (Alexis Ohanian has given a talk and created a TED playlist) — are rallying against NSA surveillance of the internet, as revealed by a whistleblower in June. Visit any of these sites […]


When our private lives become public online … will it make us more or less tolerant?When our private lives become public online … will it make us more or less tolerant?

Posted By Helen Walters

“I’m not arguing that this stuff shouldn’t exist,” says Juan Enriquez. “I’m saying that precisely because this stuff is so powerful, we should be careful and think about what we’re doing, instead of treating it like a lark, thinking if we post something at 2am that no one will care.” The Boston-based entrepreneur and many-time […]