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Rare gifts: Fellows Friday with C Jimmy LinRare gifts: Fellows Friday with C Jimmy Lin

Posted By Karen Eng

Millions of people, many of them children, suffer from “orphan” diseases — illnesses so rare that no infrastructure exists to investigate or treat them. Now C Jimmy Lin’s Rare Genomics Institute puts hope and empowerment back in patients’ hands by connecting them with researchers, doctors and community support, and a crowdsourced funding platform. What is […]


The Rare Disease Challenge: A $400K contest for researchThe Rare Disease Challenge: A $400K contest for research

Posted By Shirin Samimi-Moore

In July, TED Fellow Jimmy Lin and his team discovered a gene mutation that might explain 4-year-old Maya Nieder’s rare developmental disease. After years of frustrating doctors and specialists’ visits, Maya’s family may be close to an answer, thanks to Lin’s brainchild — the Rare Genomics Institute. Lin began RGI as place for patients with rare […]