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BJ Novak on his short story, “The Impatient Billionaire and the Mirror for the Earth,” which pivots on a misunderstood TED TalkBJ Novak on his short story, “The Impatient Billionaire and the Mirror for the Earth,” which pivots on a misunderstood TED Talk

Posted By Elizabeth Jacobs

“If only the earth could hold up a mirror to itself …” Say no more, thought the impatient billionaire in the audience at the TED conference, who found the speaker’s voice as whiny and irritating as his ideas were inspiring and consciousness-shifting. He already knew the part of the speech that was going to stay […]


Books to get you ready for TED2014Books to get you ready for TED2014

Posted By Jessica Gross

TED2014, our 30th anniversary conference, is less than a month away! If you’re counting the days like we are, get a head start by reading some of the insightful and compelling books by the groundbreaking thinkers who will speak in Vancouver. Books from speakers in Session 1, “Liftoff” Being Digital, by Nicholas Negroponte. This 1995 […]


6 talks to watch for Book Lovers Day6 talks to watch for Book Lovers Day

Posted By Nia Ashley

The Book. Few things are as universal, as ubiquitous and as transformative. On this Book Lovers Day, we’ve compiled talks that examine all the facets that make books great. Do you judge a book by its cover, like Chip Kidd, or get absorbed into a compelling narrative like Andrew Stanton? Were you taken to new […]


An in-office TED all about fictionAn in-office TED all about fiction

Posted By Tedstaff

Reading fiction is an escape, something transportative that pulls you out of everyday life. But don’t we also read fiction to learn more about ourselves — to see our hopes, aspirations and fears reflected in the pages, to gain insight into the confusing mechanics and meaning of love, family and community? On Thursday night, we […]


The magic of books: Lisa Bu at TED2013The magic of books: Lisa Bu at TED2013

Posted By Helen Walters

TED’s own Lisa Bu takes the TED2013 stage now to tell a very personal tale of a journey through literature that began, well, with a shattered dream. Growing up in Hunan, China, in the 1970s, Bu’s parents (yes, she had a Tiger Mother) believed there was only one sure way to happiness: a safe and […]